Household Cleaning

Aliage offers household cleaning products for use in kitchen, restroom, floor, and car care.

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Group Product Usage and Characteristics
Kitchen MATIC 300 Liquid detergent for dish washing machine. Compatible with hard water.
MATIC RINSE Rinsing agent for dish washing machine.
MATIC AC Scale removal agent for dish washing machine and general kitchen use.
MATIC DIP Immersion agent for removal of stubborn stains from porcelain, stainless steel, and plastic.
MATIC SC Cleaning agent for tarnished silverware.
MATIC OC Cleaning agent for removal of grease and burned stain from oven and barbecue.
DIXZY Liquid detergent for hand washing.
MATIC DS Cleaning and disinfecting agent for meat processing machine.
Restroom RINSOLA Liquid detergent for general restroom cleaning.
LIQUID SOAP Liquid soap for hand washing.
Floor FLOOR GLOSS Varnishing agent for all types of hard floor.
FLOOR G 110 Wax removal agent.
FLOOR 600 Cleaning agent for all types of hard floor.
FLOOR 500 Carpet cleaning agent.
FLOOR 510 Carpet cleaning agent for use with spray-extraction machine.
Car Care CAR SHAMPOO Foam detergent for use with spray gun.
GT 12 Cleaning agent for engine area.
RUBBER CARE Tire coating agent.